See the Difference


  • Clear aligners that can be easily removed for eating and hygiene.
  • Most treatment times are less than 1 year.

Same-day Crowns

We can provide you with single visit E4D Porcelain Crowns and Laminates.
  • Temporary Crowns are eliminated.
  • Custom Color Shading at our on-site lab.

Implant Services

  • It is easier to have your implant(s) placed and restored by the same dentist in the same office.
  • All phases of implant dentistry are provided.
  • Most implants can be placed without cutting the gums (flaps).
  • Some implants can be placed at the same time the non-restorable tooth needs to be removed.

Paperless Office

  • Our office is "web based", where all of your records are backed up and stored with the same security that is used by the banks.
  • Our office has the ability to scan your old records and back them up permanently.

Digital X-rays

  • All X-rays are taken with approximately 70 to 80 percent less radiation than traditional film.
  • Your X-rays are stored and backed up permanently.
Dr. Scott Helle
Dr. Sarah Jordan